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3. Lana Bachynski (Associate Art Director @ Riot Games) Episode 3

3. Lana Bachynski (Associate Art Director @ Riot Games)

· 01:05:58

Riot Games (League of Legends, VALORANT, Team Fight Tactics) Associate Art Director Lana Bachynski shares stories about her love of video games from a young age, her journey into animation, community in video games, work... in general... but also what it's like to work on something you love.

The Riot Games Super Art Power Hour | Episode 4: Animation

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AJ Fillari ✨
AJ Fillari ✨
podcast producer/editor FOR HIRE • host of @AsynchPod & @tenverybigbooks • editor @intothecast, @weeklyfrogpod & @slice! • prev. @anchor • he/they • 29
Lana Bachynski
Lana Bachynski
Associate Art Director at Riot Games


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