Interviews with video game creators, enthusiasts, journalists, and media personalities about their origins with video games, what keeps them so interested in the medium, and what excites them about the future.

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13. Tasha Sounart (Creative Director @ Pixar, Theme Parks)

Pixar Creative Director (Theme Parks), Tasha Sounart, discusses her career journey, from animating at Pixar on A Bug's Life through Cars to directing Double Fine's Cos...

12. Simon Parkin (Journalist @ The New Yorker, My Perfect Console)

Award-winning journalist and non-fiction writer, Simon Parkin, discusses his journey into journalism, curiosity about video games, the transition from 2D to 3D gaming,...

11. Chris Plante (Editor-in-chief @ Polygon; The Besties podcast)

Chris Plante, Editor-in-chief of Polygon and co-host of The Besties podcast, chronicles his journey into games journalism, his fondness for "7/10 (rated)" video games,...

10. Stephen Hilger (Into the Aether podcast)

Stephen Hilger, co-host of Into the Aether podcast, discusses the power of video games on childhood, art, and imagination.------Into the

9. Tom Mullen (Washed Up Emo)

Music industry extraordinaire and founder of Washed Up Emo, Tom Mullen, joins the show to discuss his lifelong fascination with video games, the link between music and...

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